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Wooden windows - manufacturing

We also are a producer of wooden windows. HEBAN windows are the smartest choice for those of you who value the natural properties of timber. They are encased in a single timber frame according to the newest standards and provide a typically classic, elegant look. 

     The advantages of wooden windows::

  • durable and rigid profiles,
  • high quality soundproofing,
  • perfect thermal insulation,
  • safety- no toxic waste in case of a fire
  • do not deform in unsuitable weather conditions,
  • timber is a natural and environmentally friendly material,
  • high durability and damage resistance,
  • a broad colour palette,
  • elegant and natural look.

     By choosing HEBAN, you do not follow the affordable pricing that we offer, but, first and foremost, our highly professional services which are second to none and entail the following:

  • short deadlines,
  • professional help,
  • on time deliveries,
  • cost estimates- free of charge,
  • customer-oriented flexibility.

Enquiries: Hubert Wałęza – (0048) 693 030 230