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Timber seasoning

For us, timber seasoning is not only a production process but also a method of development. Professional timber seasoning is closely related to the choice of right parameters.

The sophistication of this process led us to the implementation of advanced software in order to take full control of it while completely eliminating human error. The process alone, apart from its most basic task (i.e. the reduction of moisture content), has to conform to a range of other requirements. The ability to create uniform moisture content for the whole load is just one of them. 

Moreover, our products, after going through repeated drying cycles, also undergo the cooling process. This allows for a much greater future utility of the material. The broad range of products lets us to conform to a number of highly sophisticated market expectations.




pine, spruce, fir, larch


birch, alder, lime, poplar


beech, hornbeam, maple


oak, ash, acacia


19-25 110 110 140 190
26-39 120 130 200 240
40-50 140 170 290 450
51-55 170 180 310 490
56-60 170 200 350 550
61-65 200 220 380 650
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