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Technical approvals and certifications

Here you will find all sorts of references, approvals and certifiactes for the materials we use in building passive houses (HEBAN standard). We are able to use different materials if you wish so..

Lists and certificates can be downloaded.

1. Swedish construction timber C24 (rated durability). Plant seasoned up to 18% of moisture content, planed four-sided with round edges. 



2. ‘Bory Tucholskie’ pinewood in: cladding, underlay planks, panelling, plank floors, bottom plates, bearers, shingles and sheathing planks as well as others. 



3. Wood preservation and painting:

- Both the wooden frame and the sheathing are preserved with FOBOS M4 fire-resistant fungicide and insecticide,

 - terrace boards, plank floors and posts are pressure treated with approved preservatives. All materials receive a suitable certificate,

- cladding, underlay planks as well as other elements are painted with three layers of BECKERS paint (the first acts as a fungicide, the second acts as an undercoat and the third is the proper coating).






4. Insulation materials:

- ROCKWOOL ROCKTON mineral wool,  λD=0,036 W/mK,

- styrofoam EPS 040 FASADA, λD=0,040 W/mK. 






5. Membranes and foils:

- PAROTEC beta roof membrane,

- PAROTEC vinto windproof membrane,

- PAROTEC izopar foil (vapour barrier).






6. Oriented strand board  OSB3, MFP is used to  cover walls, roofs and ceilings.






7. RIGIPS plasterboard is used in the final stages in finishing the interiors.






 8. EURONIT "S" STANDARD profile concrete tile. The „S” tile, with its characteristic shape, is a modern approach to the more classic- “wavy” tile. It’s available in red, dark red, dark brown, bright grey and graphite grey.





 9. Window profiles, stools and rails:

- Window frame is made of certified pinewood scantling (triple glue laminated, finger jointed), 

- four coats of paint ,

- elegant and durable ‘Siegenia’ railings, locks and latches.




 10. BRATA chimney.



11. Connectors- BizeA, KOELNER, KMC, ARVEX GROBELNY.