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Our History

1. Our lumber mill was created in 1923 by Jakub Jastak.

In June 2013 we will celebrate our 90th anniversary. Before the Second World War we functioned as a private enterprise developing a broad range of products, constantly increasing our production output while, at the same time, acquiring a broad base of customers.

2. 1928  
The founders, Monika and Jakub Jastak, in front of the lumber mill with their relatives and business partners. 


3. 1952
Under the communist rule, the company was lawlessly nationTalised. Newspaper clipping from ‘Monitor Polski’ (1951) confirming the lawless seizure without any compensation for the rightful owners


4. The years proceeding 1989
In 1996, taking advantage of the new socio-political circumstances, the heirs of Jakub Jastak managed to take over the devastated, technologically outdated company.This is how the lumber mill looked like as an intrinsic part of the newly nationalized industry.


5. The fire in 1997
The fire, which broke out in 1997, managed to heavily damage not only the building itself but also the stored machinery. A decision was made to rebuild the company from scratch as this provided an opportunity for the much needed modernization. A small crew of only 10 workers tackled this enormous task which was successfully completed 2 years later.


6. Now
Currently we employ around 200 workers in 2 separate factories. Apart from sawing and seasoning of timber, since 2002, we have been producing prefabricated components for the housebuilding industry. The introduction of modern housebuilding technologies became a major step in our history as it allowed us to capitalize on our newfound strengths, thus, opening foreign markets to our brand of high quality products. Since then we have greatly increased our production capacity. This left its mark on the local population which has proved to be an extremely willing and hard-working labour force



Our factory in Cekcyn has 17 wood seasoning plants allowing us to work with 1200 m3 of raw material at the same time. Our production capacity is approximately 20.000 m3 a year.

Our workers have at their disposal a range facilities with locker rooms, bathrooms, showers and a canteen. We guarantee safe and hygienic working conditions and an appropriate medical care. Opportunities for self development are also available 

7. The production of sawn timber
The quality of our products along with the rapid adaptation of our services not only to the ever changing market conditions but our customers’ expectations as well have contributed towards our success.

Our company is located right in the very middle of the Tucholski Park Krajobrazowy, therefore, we pay a lot of attention to being environmentally friendly. We were awarded a FSC certificate confirming the origin of our material from Tuchola’s forests- an area widely known for the quality of its timber.

   IMG 4323


8. The new production plant i Tuchola -  2001


9. Prace związane z utwardzeniem gruntu


10. Budowa kotłowni wraz z wysokim kominem


11. Początkowo hale zakładu służyły jako skład tarcicy


12. Pierwsze prefabrykaty domów szkieletowych


13. Dzisiejsza prefabrykacja domów

We provide our customers with a fully professional, personalized service having at our disposal the most sophisticated marketing strategies coupled with our modern equipment and highly qualified employees.