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Environmentally Friendly Wooden Housebuilding

     Having over 80 years of experience in the industry, our company, Heban, located in Tuchola managed to move into an previously uncharted territory, namely, that of building eco-friendly wooden houses. Drawing on the most up-to-date Scandinavian technology coupled with my own personal experience, I offer you an idea for not only healthy but also energy efficient timber frame houses.

     Wood, as the most natural construction material, has been used for ages because of its everlasting esthetic value and economic properties. Our company has managed to come up with other arguments which will certainly convince you to, at the very least, take wood into consideration in your own projects. First and foremost, the amount of wood required for a traditional roof frame in a brick house is just slightly smaller than the same amount of material used to create the whole house frame for a house of the same dimensions. Moreover, thinner exterior walls lend themselves to a greater total living area compared with a brick house; e.g. a 100 m2 one-storey wooden house is comparatively “bigger” inside by 10-12 m2 when compared to a similar brick house. It allows for a much greater total living area.

     Energy efficiency is an advantage as well. The combination of wood’s natural properties with modern insulation materials creates surprisingly favourable exploitation costs.

     Wood is dried and seasoned in our own plants, thus, bringing down its moisture content to 14-16%. Next, efficiently performed planing is responsible for its increased fire and moisture resistance. Such raw material does not require any impregnation (with the exception of wooden foundations which are pressure treated only with approved preservatives). Wooden components of the roof (joists, rafters, roof sheathing etc.) are cold soaked with environmentally friendly liquids until they are almost completely fire resistant. Timber framing draws on building materials of small dimensions but extremely high level of durability. As a result, light wooden house-frames are made of highly durable materials which make them applicable for detached houses, terraced houses or semi-detached houses up to five storeys.

     Our exterior walls are made of wooden frame and filled in with insulation materials providing not only thermal insulation but soundproofing as well. The exterior is covered with panelling or plasterboard. Siding is made of horizontal or vertical boards which were treated not only with fire and fungus resistant preservatives but an insecticide as well. Alternatively, it can be covered with styrofoam and a layer of stucco. The interior walls are also filled with mineral wool and both in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom are additionally covered with a layer of moisture resistant plasterboard. The roof is covered with metal shingles. All of the above are complemented by high quality door and window frame carpentry made of glue laminated lumber. Our glazing has U factor values of 1,1 while the whole building has U factor values well below 0,20. As a result, the annual utility and exploitation costs are extremely low, thus, making the building not only environmentally friendly but affordable as well.

Grzegorz Gołuński, CEO of Heban