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About us

HEBAN has over 90 years of experience in processing timber. Since 1996 we have been working as a modern enterprise specializing in the production of energy saving, passive houses as well as glue laminated lumber and scantling, thus, fulfilling our customers’ needs while, at the same time, peacefully coexisting with the environment.

We raise the quality of our production processes and services by staying up to date with the newest advancements in technology and efficient management techniques. We have been strengthening our market position by fulfilling and even surpassing our customers’ expectations which, in turn, allow us to work to their greatest benefit.


We build houses based on the plans supplied by our investors. However, we also lend a helping hand in picking the right plan, the one that suits your needs the most. We also cooperate with expert architects. As a result, every plan chosen by you can be meticulously adapted and transformed into a wood-frame house.  

We would like to show you affordable, energy saving and environmentally friendly houses. We guarantee an efficient and timesaving production process as well as assembly. Moreover, we only use materials of the highest quality. The wood-frame construction technology has got plenty of advantages which explains its wide application in Scandinavian countries, across Europe and North America (e.g. over 90% of houses build in the USA draw heavily on this technology).

Come and see by yourself! There are two exhibition houses at your disposal. Our experts will not only introduce you to the energy-efficient way we approach house building, but also aid you in the matters of:

  • modern trends in heating systems and ventilation,
  • adapting the plan to the high standards of passive and energy efficient house building,
  • choosing the right approach in decorating the exterior.